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in custody a u.s. attorney's office says a u.s. citizen arrested last night trying to blow up we thought was a car bomb it was a fake given to him by undercover agents there are monitoring him after on light posts about engaging in a violent g-in u.s.. the filmmaker connected to the anti islamic found under federal investigation not his first run in with the law joy benedict tells us he was taken into questioning last night. >>> new koula was taken away from his home in serrado's in the wee hours of the morning by a los angeles county sheriff's he has not returned folks in this community have questions. early this morning under the cover of darkness wearing a scarf over his face in the koula the sea lee etna koula left his family and a community with questions >>> we don't want trouble in our community >>> p. d. robinson is concern that the man's film which has sparked protests in the middle east may have brought unwanted attention to her community >>> it does not show respect for someone who's supposed to be a profit i can see what people are upset >>> his home answer rios it's quiet ca
. >>> there is disagreement between the u.s. ambassador to the united nation and libya as president over how the attack killed four americans and in gauzy began to investigators or bit of anti-american protests are still spreading for up the muslim world. >>> demonstrators burned american flags. and threw rocks at police outside the u.s. consulate in pakistan. the clashes erupted on sunday when hundreds of people broke through a barrier near the complex. officials say the u.s. stepped inside is safe. but as one protester is dead and several others are injured good protest against an anti is a movie produced in america exploded this what past week. a ambassador chris stevens had three other americans died in and also in libya. on face the nation u.s. ambassador to the admission said that evidence shows the attack began as a spontaneous protests. >>> it's clear the worst extremist elements that the joint and escalated the violence. >>> a libyan president disagrees and believes it was premeditated. >>> the with the perpetrators acted moved and chose a specific date with this so-called demonstration this leaves u
slightly cooler. we go with the upper 50s at eureka 89 at sacramento, a wind advisory for the east the sierra. overnight with a blanket of clouds parted cloudy inland 40's and '50's feels like an autumn night. tomorrows ties it rebound '50s and '60s at the coast stylet cooler for monday seventies across the peninsula including south san francisco, 78 at san jose, mid-80s in tri valley, upper 50s with the clearing of the skies at the coast '60s at bodega bay, the hottest day of this week coming up will be friday and then a busy week next week it will feel like summer. we have many activities maybe even giants playoffs. >>> today all about football what is up with the niners >>> that was a shocker even the game in oakland a shocker another weekend with in the nfl the 49ers debacle in minnesota, a thriller at the coliseum. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> the strain sunday for football, everybody penciled in the raiders for a loss and the 49ers for a win, let's start with the raiders former raider marcus allen liddy towards before the game. raiders down 7-0 and 2 darren mcfadden, there's a 64
. >>> the crash said chilling reminder of a crash and concord and 17 year-old drove an s u v into a family on the sidewalk. a man and his 90 year-old daughter killed the driver david rosen charged as a juvenile and expects to plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter. >>> it can be anybody and anybody's family income just happen my heart goes out to their family >>> anne mackovic cbs 5 >>> one of the dead is days in in iraq this year insurgents have killed 90 people and injured 360 in attacks on security forces. no group and it'd be clan responsibility but iraq's interior ministry blamed al qaeda. pakistan says it has pushed militants back across the border into afghanistan this comes after more than two weeks of fighting in the madness region the u.s. as more than 100 people killed in the offensive. the u.s. is called on afghan and that of forces to do more from crossing into the country. one of the american commandos to help kill osama bin laden's talks about the mission, in an interview with 60 minutes the former navy seal talks about he took pictures to prove osama bin laden's was dead.
.m. aug. temperatures of the year highs in the mid-90s and triple digits at inland locations, new highs anticipated, we look at the temperatures we see the inland areas the area's we anticipate record highs tomorrow san jose, triple digits livermore, possibility of a new record of 104 in livermore monday will pinpoint the hottest day this week coming up. >>> rough-and-tumble politics in richmond scuffle between city council member and an activist and it with more arrest candidates' debate thursday night more is a member of the richmond progressive alliance 0 local political group that is at odds over an other man client the other man punched him reporter don knapp will have more at 6:30 >>> she spent 15 years under house arrest because she was an outspoken and fight for democracy in burma the pro- democracy activist was in san francisco part of a u.s. visit that includes standing ovations in washington and that the united nations anne mackovic explains robert parents is important. >>> those of my generation know i've come to san francisco with flowers in my hair >>> and not simply as "
at cbs s f dot com click on traffic. an early-morning fire destroyed two homes in concord the first one up in flames at 3:00 a.m. on margot drive to people in the home were able to get out the fire spread to the house next door, investigators believe no one was in the second home firefighters it met their response times slower than normal. >>> one of the stations close by was shut down we had to companies and reduce staffing there was a dilemma because the second engine can from a greater distance. >>> voters in contra costa county have a chance to weigh in on budget issues there is a means $75 per year parcel tax measure on the ballot. two people in critical condition after a gunfight in oakland it took place last night on 3600 block of brown avenue gun fire went back and forth until it stopped and parking lot of this kentucky fried chicken. a reminder that the dumbarton bridge closed the bridge remained shut down until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning, the closure part of ongoing seismic retrofit project. a click on traffic page on cbs s f dot com. new jobs for americans that is the focus on
with information on cbs s f dot com the weather is warm. in concord 87, san francisco 59, look at the range from sfo to livermore that is september and october it gets warm inland. atop mount diablo, it is bumped up edit it rises up a couple millimeters per year because of the thrust fault during the bay area we have cool on the coast but warm inland. it cool at the beach and koula for ever body mid-week in the meantime let's look at what is happening, coastline temperatures cooled clear and mild around the bay, this evening clear and warm inland temperatures still in the upper seventies by 9:00 p.m. tonight a nice night to go out. high pressure will bring some high clouds to the area will bring temperatures down a little bit monday and tuesday, tomorrow still looks warm. one low over the pacific northwest mans a light onshore flow possible. it will continue warm until midweek the high pressure gets a break, that would bring numbers done that week but will be plenty warm in the meantime. 9:00 tomorrow morning patchy low clouds along the beach, bay and in and start out with sunny skies numbers in
level also installing a temporary bridge to keep traffic moving. go to cbs s f dot com to check on traffic conditions for both closures. more than 240,000 people without power in wake up hurricane isaac. floodwaters' prompt evacuation's. isaac's devastation did not dampen the spirits of a congregations in the west louisiana church. >>> songs of hope and faith echoed the miles fell memorial church held sunday services outside because hurricane isaac peel the run from the building. the church's bishops said everything in sight was run from the pulpit to the kitchen and his own office. >>> it is all gone. but we are still here >>> the congregation has been here for 19 years, never missed a sunday service and refuse to let isaac break a record and spirit. >>> my faith is still in god, the damage left her in tears she said most of the congregation is homeless. >>> that is why i am crying and become the sunday morning cannot imagine a love that we shall >>> many of the roadways are still submerged and so was the area high school, hundreds of homes flooded and with the water receding n
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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